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From entertainment to world affairs, business to style, design to society, Vanity Fair is a cultural catalyst, a magazine that provokes and drives the popular dialogue.

Brief biographies and photographs of the issue’s illustrious contributors. This section often includes behind-the-scenes highlights of how that month’s cover was created.

Readers share their thoughts on previously published features including: “Postscript”, an update on past Vanity Fair stories, and “More From the V.F. Mailbag”, a rundown of that month’s reader responses.

From VIP soirées in London to private dinners in New York and balmy cocktail parties in Los Angeles, Fairground brings its discriminating eye into the world’s most exclusive events, capturing candid snapshots of society’s rich and famous. This new monthly pictorial feature goes around the world, one party at a time.

Vanity Fair’s monthly guide to the most talked-about cultural events around the world: hot new CDs, books and films; groundbreaking art and design; exhibitions and theatrical events; fashion, beauty and travel trends.

Short takes on today’s most compelling personalities, as featured in V.F. Camera, George Wayne Q&A, Night Table Reading and “The Intelligence Report”. Opening with its own distinct cover, Vanities is a reader favourite incorporating splashy graphics, quick wit and a parody column by “Ed Coaster”, which reveals who and what today’s cultural icons are talking about.

Insightful essays by distinguished writers, such as Dominick Dunne, James Wolcott and Michael Wolff, cover the most relevant topics of the day. These investigations on crime, politics, business, society, the media and current events are often touted on the cover and have a dedicated following.

Who’s the next George Clooney or Nicole Kidman? Spotlight shines a light on the stars of the future. Former discoveries include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio and Gwyneth Paltrow, all before they made it big.

In-depth, award-winning stories on the worlds of entertainment, the arts, business, politics, design and more. At the heart of the magazine, these features are created by renowned writers such as Sebastian Junger, Carl Bernstein and Marie Brenner and include photography by the world’s most distinguished portraitists, including Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, Bruce Weber and Patrick Demarchelier.

Proust Questionnaire
An update of the 19th-century parlour game, this classic Q&A features a different celebrity subject every month.