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Easy Living

Never before has there been a magazine that satisfies women who wish to be informed, inspired, excited, entertained and comforted, and that under no circumstances wastes their time.

Easy Living brings a unique new offering to the women’s magazine market, an intelligent look at women's lives today. Every issue is informative, entertaining, alluring, useful, fun, practical, clever, approachable, challenging, expert and beautiful.

Easy Living is cleverly separated into 8 easy-to-use colour-coded sections so that you can easily refer back to your favourite section:


In this section there are fabulous shopping finds, news and reviews, lively grown-up discussion, some truly inspiring women, and a dash of celebrity glamour. You’re guaranteed to find something to grab your interest.


Easy Living offers stylish, practical answers to all your wardrobe needs. Inspiring, effortless fashion, at Easy Living we show you how the season's key trends can work for you.


This is the smart woman’s guide to your inner self. We don’t offer simplistic quick fixes for happiness, just honest insight into human emotions, and genuine ways to make your life that little bit better.


Easy Living brings together the latest beauty news to help you keep up-to-date with current looks and top new products so that you are always looking beautiful and feeling confident.


Health, fitness and wellbeing issues are addressed by experts and accompanied by insights from real women. Packed full of advice and health news relevant for every reader.


Easy Living experts offer clever and practical solutions to your culinary, fashion, health, beauty, home and travel problems.


Easy Living’s resident Food Editor conjures up mouth-watering recipes for everyday living and dinner party masterpieces.


Let Easy Living inspire you with stylish, practical and elegant ideas using affordable home accessories, easy-to-tackle creative ideas and aspirational, beautiful looks for your home.

It’s the magazine that you’ve been waiting for!